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Oct 29, 2013 5:30am PDT
meeting on the eco-tax, a law designed to cut the number of -- a tax designed to cut the number of trucks on the road. we're joined now by stephen cowell on the business desk. the government expected to reduce it, not scrapped it. >> indeed, quite a surprise. the government said they would not get rid of the tax but delaying it, perhaps changing the rates. heavy goodsx on vehicles. certain parts of the french roads. it would chart up to $.15 per kilometer under the plan am a which was due to come into force january of next year. this was conceived by the previous government and had fallen on the shoulders of shoulder.ollande's particularly from the outlying pariss, particularly like where resolve violent protests over the weekend where farmers, particularly and small businesses were worried this alreadycrease the waning margins in the wake of the financial crisis. government has made some changes to the law earlier this year. they delayed implementation credit. now talking about scrapping it altogether. >> an appeals court has overturned rulings were saying to hardware chains to cl
Oct 31, 2013 5:30am PDT
continents, collecting information including text, audio, and video. u.s. law forbids the government from explicitly spying on u.s. citizens on american soil without a court order. the cables crisscross under international waters, allowing the nsa to bypass that restriction. deniedogle and yahoo! allowing the government to collect their clients' data. >> we are outraged. >> it is unlike this to be the last snowden bombshell. himselfcan and the pope were also reportedly under surveillance. our international affairs editor douglas herbert has more on the reaction from google and yahoo! surrounding this latest controversy. >> they way it works right now in the u.s. as we are not reported to have a court, it is the foreignisc, intelligence surveillance court, and essentially yahoo! and google have been forced to hand over a lot of their data to u.s. onlyrities, to the nsa, under a court warrant approved by this court. here is where the problem comes into being. those legal restrictions only apply to users who reside on the territory of the united states. what this report says is basically tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2